Author’s Guidelines

Journal of Xidian University accepts high quality research literature from Cutting edge Engineering and Technology applications, Technology Management, Finance and Accounting, Business Management and Marketing, Medicine, Biological Sciences, Forensic Science, Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Internet of Things, STEM, Research and Development in Forensic Science.


  • Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word in Times New Roman and Word Size of 15 for Main Title, 10 (Bold) for Subtitles and 10 for the Body.
  • The Manuscript should contain a maximum of 10 Pages.
  • All the paragraphs should be Justified, One Column and there should be Single Line Spacing between each paragraph. All the tables, pictures must be in JPEG Format with high resolution.
  • The composition of manuscripts should be as follows: Heading, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment, References.
  • Please declare competing interest of authors if any.

Title/Header Area:
This section should contain the title of the paper and the full names, affiliations, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and electronic mail addresses of all the authors. The corresponding author should be indicated with a single asterisk (*).

An abstract of not more than 250 words is required. It should contain a description of the subject and scope of coverage. In the case of research-oriented papers, major results and conclusions should be highlighted in brief.

The Keywords should be mentioned in italics.

It should include the clear information regarding the theme of the paper. The complete background should be critical and specific to the work carried out which can be referred from various sources. It should not exceed 750 words.

Materials and Methods/Methodology:
Description of the Materials, Procedures / Tools and Data Bases utilized must be mentioned along with the purpose.

Results and Discussion:
This section should contain the information regarding the results of the methods carried out with the corresponding inferences not exceeding 750 words.

The conclusion must be given in brief not exceeding 250 words.

This section should acknowledge the sponsors/Technical advisors/others.

References and Citations:
The order of the references should be the same as mentioned in the text, with serial numbers within square brackets. The reference section should be double-spaced and in the style shown below; however, if there is any doubt about the correct abbreviation of publication names, these should be given in full. Note that titles of papers plus beginning and ending page numbers should be included.